All Road Leads To Kano As Oba Elegushi Marries Second Wife Tomorrow

The super rich and handsome monarch, said to be one of the youngest royal fathers in Nigeria, Oba Saheed Ademola ELEGUSHI, Kusenla III is set to take a second wife tomorrow.

Oba Elegushi who reigns over the vast IKATELAND on the island and his beautiful wife, Hadiza Tanko, who is the younger sibling of the Special Adviser to the Kano State Governor, Alhaji Dr. Umaru Ganduje will celebrate their Nikkai ceremony in Kano.

The very excited elder brother of Hadiza had taken to his social media pages on both Twitter and Instagram to happily announce the upcoming betrothal, excitedly inviting the whole world to be there to celebrate with the family.


The light skinned Hadiza, who is a stunner par excellence we hear has been the hearthrob of the young king who is in his early 40s for a while now.



According to reports, Hadiza is a ‘Business Development Manager’ at an oil and gas firm. The first wife of “Oba Saheed Ademola ELEGUSHI, Kusenla III” is none other than the super stylish and gorgeous “Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi nee Ipaye, who is his wife of many years and they both have 3 very gorgeous and extremely smart daughters.

With Hadiza joining Kabiyesi’s growing harem now, it means that there would be 2 oloris in the palace then. Many had speculated over the years about whether the Elegushi would marry more than one wife as tradition stipulates. But many also pooh-poohed the idea then saying that the young king would never marry another wife just out of loyalty to Olori Sekinat Aramide, who he had met when they both were still at the University years back.

When they got married in 2003, making it 16 years come May 24, it was a big event then, with K1 the ultimate and KSA on the bandstand.

Now in 2019, with him now as one of the wealthiest kings from the south west, tomorrow’s event might turn out as an off the hook thing.


Today is what the Northerners refer to as Kamu, a part and parcel of the tradition and culture of the North.

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