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Appreciation Times…Michael Afolaranmi, Chief Executive Officer Of 12Baskets Foods Gives Out Cars On His Birthday


Appreciation Times…Michael Afolaranmi, Chief Executive Officer Of 12Baskets Foods Gives Out Cars On His Birthday

The Chinese have a saying: the swallow can never understand the thoughts and ways of the great swan.

This is the same conclusion that we must come to about the founder and Chairman of 12Baskets Foods Ltd., Michael Afolaranmi.

Recently, the man celebrated his birthday alongside his daughters and used that opportunity to appreciate some of the hands that have helped to make the meal of life extra delicious for him. Eyes were popping recently at the glamorous event that saw the triple celebrations hosted by Afolaranmi.

The event which was held at the Classique event center, Oregun Ikeja, Lagos, was organized to celebrate his birthday, the birthday of his twin daughters, Darasimi and Darafunmi Afolaranmi, as well as the 19th year of operation of his finger foods company, 12Baskets Foods Ltd.

While the joy of Afolaranmi’s daughters radiated out into the universe (they turned 4), there was a group of people whose joy went even further. These were the loyal and hardworking staff of 12Baskets Foods Ltd. In due appreciation for all their good work over the years, Afolaranmi treated them to the applause of the business czars that attended the event. Then, he gave them brand new cars.

We would be putting it mildly if we say that the 12Baskets Foods winning team were overjoyed at Afolaranmi’s gesture. They were over the moon and far into the galaxy before the night was over. But that is the natural consequence of diligence and having a boss as appreciative as Afolaranmi.

Afolaranmi’s charm is well documented. Despite being a successful businessman and leading figure in the industry now, Afolaranmi still carries himself with a humility that belies his stature. Maybe this is why he has a staff team that is willing to go the extra mile for him. Maybe this is why his business continues to expand, seemingly unaware that it has left the boundaries of its indigenous country!

But this is Afolaranmi being himself and the kickbacks from his efforts are evident in his company’s expansion. For both of these, the staff team of 12Baskets Foods is no doubt grateful.

Ayomide Ayano

A writer, communicator, Graduate of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism and a Christian.

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