David Imonitie Gives The People Of Makoko A Strong Belief In A Better Future

As bad as life appears to be for them, the people of Makoko now have a reason to believe in a better future.

Makoko is a slum settlement in Lagos state where inhabitants live in squalor with no access to electricity and drinkable water.

They live on makeshift houses made of wood and planks built on dark smelly water by the seaside.

David Imonitie jr, the success trainer, investor, and serial entrepreneur has taken up their cause.

Imonitie is doing this with ‘’I Believe Foundation’’, which he founded.

The foundation aims to assist young, underprivileged and orphaned children as well as deserving families in need.

‘I Believe Foundation’ has taken up the cause of the people of Makoko because it is a community made up of deserving families.

The foundation is taking up the cause of the people on two fronts, advocacy and provision of relief materials, seen as immediate needs.

The advocacy would see Imonitie and his team take up the government – in a non-confrontational manner – and seek how best to work together on a long term plan of making life better for the people of Makoko.

Imonitie and his team including Reverend Mo Merriman-Johnson and Morounranti Ashabi, the culture ambassador appointed by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi acted on the immediate needs of the people of Makoko in the afternoon of Monday, December 2, 2019.

The first batch of 500 units of water purifier and solar light provision LightWaterLife sustainable life kit donation was given out in Makoko in the presence of the traditional head of the community and other leaders.

A demonstration of the use of the kit was done for those present.

Each kit contains devices that provide clean drinkable water and a solar panel that powers two energy-saving bulbs and a football for the kids.

The donation was made at the only – floating – primary school inside Makoko.

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