Exposed! The Messy Secrets Of Gail Fajembola

Gail Fajembola

Like a gift finally unwrapped after years of being hidden, the recent arrest of former Skye bank head honcho, Tunde Ayeni by the EFCC has opened a huge cans of worms with one revelation after another shocking observers into dumbness.

Ayeni’s precious cupboard has been opened and the skeletons are crawling out one after the other, exposing a pilfered bank, a marriage on the verge of destruction, and most shocking of all, a secret mistress pulling the strings behind the scenes.

For those not in the know, Abuja-based Gail is one of the most flamboyant women around. She drives in a selection of the most exclusive luxury cars, ranging from the Mercedes Benz G63 Bullet Proof to the latest Range Rovers. She owns posh houses in Banana Island, Abuja and London and runs Cynosure Interior, a multimillion Naira interior decoration company.

Gail Fajembola
Gail Fajembola

She is rumoured to be an upscale seductress, spreading her wealth-sucking tentacles to catch men of affluence and influence, riding their coattails into a life of unbridged luxury and extravagance, milking their own resources dry while hers daily increase from the proceeds of bottom power.

It has also been rumoured that behind her stunning exterior allegedly lies a cold and ruthless personality that is not afraid to hitch a hike on well-connected moneybags only to discard them like a used sanitary pad at the first sign of a downturn in fortune for them.

Close sources disclosed that she cultivates romantic associations like a patient gardener, watering the interest of powerful men until they become dependent on her affections. She navigates through their defences like an experienced waiter expertly weaving through the tight spaces of a crowded restaurant. She plucks and plunders everything they have to offer till they are drained of pocket and vigour. Then she moves on to her next target.


According to reliable inside information, Gail is Tunde Ayeni’s very own Helen of Troy, a temptress who has got him wrapped around her fingers and turned him into a cash cow for her extravagant lifestyle. Anytime she demands for something, Ayeni would get it for her even if it meant climbing seven mountains and crossing seven seas. In a bid to make Gail happy, he even trampled all over the feelings and dignity of his legal wife Abiola.

It was gathered that anytime Tunde proceeds to Abuja on business, he would make a beeline for Gail’s tastefully furnished mansion in Maitama to spend the night. It is even alleged that the Abuja house as well as the one in Banana Island which features a retinue of house helps was paid for and furnished by Ayeni.

Tunde Ayeni
Tunde Ayeni

A few people who were around when Tunde was running Skye Bank (now Polaris Bank) aground confirmed that Gail and Tunde are joined to the hip. The bank workers were forced to worship the floor she walked on for fear they would be the victims of a pillow talk. She allegedly made away with a large chunk of the Skye bank funds which Ayeni carved out for himself.

Little wonder when EFCC hawks swooped on Ayeni and carried him off for questioning, they didn’t forget to “invite” Gail along as a person of interest in the case, although others claim she was just there to offer the beleaguered former bank chairman some support. Such is the extent of their closeness that Gail is privy to a lot of inside information that Tunde’s own wife is in the dark about.

Expectedly, the recent happenings haven’t gone down well with Tunde’s wife of many years who is being forced to contend with the possibility of a broken marriage. Biola, who runs an upscale fashion house in Lagos, Divine Endowment, is said to be spoiling for a fight over the development. She is apoplectic in anger at the alleged betrayal, wondering how her husband could abandon her for a 52-year old woman despite her better looks, younger age and supportive nature.

Notorious as a femme fatale who uses her beauty to lead men and marriages to ruin, Gail has been compared to the German spy Mata Hari who seduced powerful men all over Europe and made away with their secrets. Tunde, helplessly caught in her dragnet, reveals intimate secrets to her like a lovesick puppy, secrets that have to do with inside details of campaign strategies of the Atiku Campaign Organization where he is a key member and financier. Once she has learned those secrets, Gail would transform into a leaking tap and divulge them to opposing political camps for profit.

Roland Ewubare, Group General Manager, National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) is another man rumoured to have tasted Gail’s forbidden fruit and become tied to her apron strings. Roland is allegedly willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the half-caste beauty. He reportedly got her a gift of a range rover. Though not in Ayeni’s league in terms of wealth and connections, he is ready to walk on hot coals to prove his love for Gail. he treats her like a bosom friend and handles her with the care befitting a holy relic.

Roland’s friends and associates recently came out to debunk claims of an affair with Gail, describing it as a well-choreographed cocktail of lies. Those in the know however dismissed the refutation as token attempts to minimize the damage after their relationship was blown out into the open. They insist Gail and the Harvard-trained lawyer have been an item for a long time. He is one more conquest in Gail’s trophy cabinet. In fact, the list of influential men she has had romantic liaisons with is longer than the River Nile.

Gail, it is said, dares to boldly go where angels fear to tread. She is known to come calling at the doors of happy marriages. According to the rumour mill, she once batted seductive eyelashes at the senate president Dr Bukola Saraki only to meet an impenetrable wall barring her way in the person of his wife Toyin.

Despite her devious attempts to score big with Saraki, Toyin’s no-nonsense rebuff reportedly sent her slinking away with her tails firmly tucked between her legs in shame and embarrassment.

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