How K1 De Ultimate Settled Long Time Rift Between Abike Jagaban And Esabod


“If music be the food of love, play on,” advised the greatest bard who ever lived. King of Fuji, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal might be a legend in his own right but he is also a student of the sages.

K1 de Ultimate
K1 de Ultimate

He listened, and as his peace song drifted over the audience, longstanding rifts were healed as hitherto sworn enemies found and grasped the beautiful thread of shared sisterhood.

Not content with being a music icon, K1 de Ultimate has also become a peacemaker. It was in the occasion of his 62nd birthday celebrations at Raddison Blu Hotel, Ikeja, that he helped to broker peace between popular bloggers, Abike Jagaban and Esabod who had been at each other’s throats for a very long time.

Recall that the social media sensations had been at loggerheads from their respective bases across the Irish Sea. While Abike Jagaban resides in England, the much older Esther Aboderin — more commonly known as Esabod — is based in Ireland.

The genesis of their bitter fight can be traced back to when Esabod, who is also known as Iya Ewe by her diehard fans, did a video where she outed Abike Jagaban for being serially promiscuous. This did not go down well with Abike who swiftly fired back with her own explosive salvo.

Things snowballed from there into full-blown social media war as the two women and their respective supporters engaged in frequent skirmishes like two angry dog sniping at each other’s heels.

Now the parley of peace has been called and a truce brokered courtesy of K1. It is expected that both women will now sheath their swords, or at least stop pointing them at each other’s throats and unleash their barbs and darts on more deserving victims of their ire.

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