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Moment of Pride: As Lekan Adebiyi’s Visible Construction is Turning Around National Assembly Abuja

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Moment of Pride: As Lekan Adebiyi’s Visible Construction is Turning Around National Assembly Abuja

Kayode Alfred

The 10th National Assembly can still be considered recent, and it stands out for that. But what makes it outstanding in the grand scheme of things is the edifice which now bears the touch of Olalekan Adebiyi and his company, Visible Construction.

The National Assembly Complex in Abuja can be considered a lively highlight of the current administration’s first exploits. This is because it was handed over to Adebiyi’s Visible Construction for renovation, and consequently advanced from portraying the agitated negotiations of the past administration to the brilliant prospects of the present.

Transformation is the watchword of construction companies, but Visible Construction takes this principle up a notch. Since starting the renovation project, the National Assembly Complex has leaped out of the architectural dossier of what is old and aging to that of what is ultra-modern and progressive.

Media agencies used to submit reports of happenings around the Complex using old photos. This is no longer the case. If the camera lenses of Nigeria’s paparazzi could speak, they’d want to capture the work of Adebiyi’s Visible Construction all day long. No wonder the 10th National Assembly is always on the news these days.

To think that Adebiyi, the genius behind all these good things, is an engineer at heart but not by academic training. Although he has the eager assent of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) now, the boss of LaraLek Ultimate Constructions remains focused on delivery quality with the highest efficiency possible.

Nigeria is indeed blessed to have individuals like Adebiyi holding the reins of the construction industry. With the National Assembly Complex demonstrating his work, one wonders how the man continues to be humble.

With Adebiyi reversing the agedness of the National Assembly Complex in Abuja, every other aging edifice needs a facelift. For projects like these, Adebiyi’s Visible Construction is the most suitable.

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