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Dr. Mike Adenuga: Encomiums As The World Celebrates The Pride Of Africa And Global Icon At 70 – Kayode Alfred

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Dr. Mike Adenuga: Encomiums As The World Celebrates The Pride Of Africa And Global Icon At 70 – Kayode Alfred

It is that time of the year when people gather around the world to celebrate genius and innovativeness condensed as an individual. It is the birthday season of Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr, the business giant behind several successful businesses in Telcommunications, Oil & gas Real estate, Road construction, etc.

Even as the man clocks 70, the best of writers and encomium farmers have gathered around to sing praises until even the stars twinkle in shock.

However, having known the wonderful shocks that Adenuga has dished out in the form of his matchless business successes over the years, starry stupefaction is just the opening act to a series of magnificent things to come.

Adenuga is 70! It is such an amazing time to observe and learn from such a mind. Students of business, leaders in the corporate world cherish the feat of Dr. Mike Adenuga, jnr. They have seen first hand what differentiates risk takers , investors and moguls from the rest of us. He has been replicating impossible feats ever since he left University in the United States of America.

Fortune is Adenuga’s friend. It has long been his companion and ally ever since we can remember. Compared to this man’s doings, so many so-called business innovations of the present are the result of children playing in the mud. After all, there are very few Nigerians who can claim to be at Adenuga’s level, especially when the bout is one of business diversification, resounding successes, and a firm grasp of how the business world in Nigeria, Africa, and other regions of the world ticks.

Is it the banking industry? Adenuga’s footprints abound. Is it in oil and gas? Many of the models of commerce in the industry jingle with Adenuga’s ideas and ideology. And when it is a matter of social and cultural contributions, Adenuga has long surpassed some of those that came before them.

At 70, Adenuga has blown the ram’s horn of greatness and magnificence louder than expected. The man has left no stone unturned in erecting so high an edifice of prodigious brilliance and business acumen that the majority of his peers appear like ordinary people next to him. Is it any wonder other African business leaders call him “The Spirit of Africa”?

So, yes, Adenuga has crossed 70. Even so, his achievements remain uncrossed, high, and out there, unbroken and unmatched.

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