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Abiodun Oshinibosi Celebrates A Decade Of Abelinis

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Abiodun Oshinibosi Celebrates A Decade Of Abelinis

Abiodun Richard Oshinibosi, event manager and marketing genius is in high spirits as his brainchild, Abelinis Limited, clocks a full decade of operations, having done good enough work to rival other companies in the same industry.

Thus, Oshinibosi is not only celebrating the realisation of an old dream, but the distance to which God’s grace has pitched and accompanied him and Abelinis.

Abelinis Limited is an agency that snuck into view sometime in 2011, emphasising excellence and accountability for its range of services: event marketing, brand design and activation, sales promotion, and several others.

Since then, Abelinis has climbed onto the heights of the marketing industry through sheer competence, thanks to a team of intelligent, attentive and certified task managers, working to evolve the projects of their many clients for maximum satisfaction.

Last year (2020), while the Covid-19 pandemic was wrecking health, businesses and the Nigerian economy, Abelinis made pronounced efforts to manage the mess. Via its HypeKing Advocacy, Abelinis engaged denizens of rural and semi-urban areas on particulars of the virus: its roots, speed and media of infection, and how to avoid it.

The agency, between June and September, was able to make such a big deal out of the hand sanitisers and face masks that residents of 20 Local Government Areas and 37 Local Council Development Areas in Lagos State inadvertently took to washing their hands thoroughly and wearing masks.

Abelinis Limited is a valued partner delivering experiential marketing needs for leading multinationals in Nigeria, including big brands like MTN, BATN, GUINNESS, LAFARGE, HPZ, BOSCH, to mention a few.

10 years in operation and Abelinis has only begun to demonstrate its expertise in marketing and information promotion. The wide-ranging radius of Covid-19 awareness in Lagos, occasioned by the activities of Abelinis, validates the agency’s status as a leading figure in the Nigerian ads and promotion industry.

In a nutshell, Abiodun Oshinibosi’s celebration of a decade of Abelinis is not without reason. The accomplishments of the agency in these 10 years have corroborated its name: Abelinis—Absolute Excellence Lineage of Influence.

Ayomide Ayano

A writer, communicator, Graduate of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism and a Christian.

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