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All Set For Christ Royals Apostolic Church Praise Conference


All Set For Christ Royals Apostolic Church Praise Conference

For every blessing that comes down from the throne of God, billions of hands ought to be raised in gratitude and worship.

Many people may be unaware of this fact, but not the grateful people of Christ Royals Apostolic Church. In a few days, their praise conference will begin and it will be a delight and a wonder for those who have never attended.

The Christ Royals Apostolic Church, Ogun State, is currently making preparations for hosting its members and the general public for its praise conference. This year, the theme of the conference is ‘PRAISE TO DELIVER’, taken from Psalms 103:2 which instructs people to bless the LORD and never forget all His benefits. And with the caliber of ministering guests, it is certain that every individual that attends the conference will not forget any of God’s benefits.

Of course, the host is none other than Pastor Olabode and Prophetess Fola Emmanuel, the servants of God that have strengthened the church since its founding in Ogun State. And among those that have been invited to minister to God’s people with them are Evangelist Bose Adeiwa, Olamide Gold, Vickky Sax, and Saxoluwafemi, all great people that love God.

Regarding the event itself, the praise conference will be held at the church’s headquarters in Ogun State. Specifically, the conference will be held at CoolRoom Unity/Oke Odo, off Unity Street, Arigbawonmo Mowe.

Naturally, this year’s edition of the praise conference will set a mark in the heart of God’s people that will not be erased by time in the years to come.

So, all is set at the venue. All that remains are the people of God who recognize His many good things in their lives.

Ayomide Ayano

A writer, communicator, Graduate of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism and a Christian.

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