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EXCLUSIVE: BBC Eye Set to Expose Deceased Popular Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua for Shocking Sexual Crimes

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EXCLUSIVE: BBC Eye Set to Expose Deceased Popular Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua for Shocking Sexual Crimes

In a scandalous revelation set to rock the religious landscape, the BBC World Service is gearing up to unveil an explosive investigative documentary, exposing the dark secrets of a deceased influential Nigerian pastor. The Lagos Times gathered that the late pastor, who met his demise in 2021, is alleged to have orchestrated a web of heinous crimes, including torture, rape, and forced abortions, affecting victims from various nations, including Britain, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United States.

The Lagos Times gathered that the shocking upcoming documentary will debut at an exclusive private screening scheduled for January 8th at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja after which it will release to the general public as a 3-part series. The exclusive invitation to prominent figures across the religious and social space hints at the magnitude of the investigation, claiming it to be one of the largest ever conducted by the BBC in Nigeria, spanning over two years and promising global repercussions.

Sources suggest that the late pastor may have been aware of the impending expose, leading to speculations that the stress from this revelation may have triggered a stroke, ultimately resulting in his demise. The timing of his death adds an eerie twist to the unfolding scandal, casting a shadow over the final days of the once-revered religious figure.

The BBC claimed that the documentary will present meticulously gathered evidence, implicating the pastor in serious human rights abuses. The accusations range from chilling accounts of torture to harrowing stories of rape and forced abortions, implicating the late pastor in a web of criminal activities that have left victims scarred across continents.

This impending scandal has already sent shockwaves through the entire country, as the late pastor’s influence extended far beyond the religious sphere.

As the scandal unfolds, questions loom over the late pastor’s legacy, tarnished by allegations that have the potential to redefine his place in history. The BBC’s ambitious investigative documentary is poised to send ripples across Nigeria and beyond, challenging the narratives surrounding influential religious figures and underscoring the imperative to address human rights abuses, even in the most sacred institutions.

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