In his address, the Minister highlighted the transformative potential of this partnership, stressing that it is a testament to Nigeria’s commitment to advancing its capabilities in space exploration.

According to him, the public-private partnership with SERA will not only accelerate the nation’s technological advancements but also inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers.

While asserting that this move is in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Mr Nnaji noted that this is a significant step forward in Nigeria’s ambition to become a key player in global space exploration.

He buttressed that the agreement will foster cooperation in various aspects of space technology, research, and development, even as both NASRDA and SERA will work together on mission planning, astronaut training, and the creation of infrastructure necessary for sustained human presence in space.

Dr Mathew Adepoju, Director General of NASRDA, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying it is a historic moment for NASRDA and Nigeria.

He added that SERA’s expertise and the agency’s dedication will yield remarkable milestones in human space exploration within the continent and beyond.