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Ganduje on nPDP: They are not marginalised, it’s corruption fighting back

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Ganduje on nPDP: They are not marginalised, it’s corruption fighting back


Abdullahi Ganduje, Kano governor, says the agitation by members of the new Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP), is as a result of corruption fighting back.

Ganduje spoke on Monday at a news conference to mark the third anniversary of his administration. He said the claim of marginalisation by nPDP members does not hold water.

The governor, who is a member of the group, said most of the members hold key positions in the government of All Progressives Congress (APC), asking how that translates into marginalisation.

He excluded himself from those claiming to have been marginalised.

“I believe there must be something underground, you know Mr. President is facing a difficult moment; corruption is fighting back, so you can see where the issue of marginalisation is coming from, it is not an issue of marginalisation, it is an issue of corruption fighting back, Ganduje said.

“I will give you an analysis that will show that they are not being marginalised. First of all, the Senate President is from the defunct nPDP, he is now the Senate President; he controls very important committees in which he singlehandedly approved chairmen of 30 committees – that is not marginalisation.

“You have the governor of Kwara state who is also a member of the nPDP. He has a whole government; how can he say he is marginalised?

“The Governor of Adamawa state is nPDP and he is now a governor. I am from nPDP and I am now a governor. We have most of us from the nPDP who are senators and House of Representatives members.

“You have the speaker of house of representatives who is a member of the nPDP and a speaker under the banner of APC; how can he say he is being marginalized? He controls lucrative committees. He appoints the chairmen and membership of the committees singlehandedly, without interference from the executive. How can he say he is being marginalised?

“So, if you take this issue one by one, you can see that the issue of marginalisation is not there. Therefore, we the majority of the nPDP are disclaiming the allegation and we believe that we are not being marginalise.”

Ganduje said the threat of the group to defect from the APC will not affect the votes President Muhammadu Buhari will garner in the 2019 elections.

He insisted that Kano will give the president five million votes, even if Rabiu Kwankwaso, his predecessor, leaves the party.

“Well, we are begging Kwankwaso not to move to another party, but if he decides to go, no problem–that is individual difference; and it cannot affect Buhari’s fortune of getting five million votes from Kano,” he said.

“So it is not the issue of the former governor taking his paraphernalia to another party. It is the issue of our commitment to win elections.   We are not going to say that there will be no obstacle; there will be obstacle, but we will surmount it; so, Buhari will get five million votes from Kano.”

After meeting with Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo on Monday, the group said it is yet to decide if it will remain in the APC.


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