Obeahon Ohiwerei Stages Jaw -Dropping 50th Birthday For Wife

Former Keystone Bank MD Obeahon Ohiwerei may lose his job — or rather resign from it. He may lose some money to the bearish economy. He may lose some friends who’d promised to stick with him through thick and thin. He may even lose the trust of certain investors, as some have speculated might be the reason for his sudden resignation. But one thing he will never lose is the love he has for his wife.

Gloria Ohiwerei, the beautiful wife of Obeahon, turned 50 a few days back and no sooner had the day broken than Obeahon began his quest to lavish her with so much love and care beyond her wildest dreams. The stylish dude decided that his wife of many years deserves something different from a routine and expected birthday shindig, so he jettisoned the idea in favour of a rather more romantic celebration.

Sources close to the loaded dude narrated how he surprised his wife with a very private dinner to mark her golden jubilee. Not many were even aware of his plans, and that included the few invited guests who were transfixed yet gratified by the privilege to witness such a private and moving spectacle. Gloria could not help but be moved by the extra mile her husband went to make her day the best ever. Her eyes shone with so much love and warmth.

Since Obeahon left his plum job at Keystone Bank, speculation ran wild that he is cooking up a big project which he will soon launch. Others say he is on a self-imposed sabbatical abroad to observe a period of rest and respite before he plunges back into the taxing waters of local finance.

Keystone have since moved on from the broken marriage and appointed Abubakar Danlami Sule as acting MD/CEO. But while one union has been fractured, another keeps going strong. Gloria and Obeahon are two peas in a pods. They are always on the same wavelength, understanding and supporting each other throughout the years. With her ably holding the forte on the domestic front, it is no wonder Obeahon has enjoyed such a successful career with many more highs to come.

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